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8 October

I'm Joey.

That is all.
7 angels 7 plagues, a goo stick band, acid bath, agoraphobic nosebleed, alice in chains, an albatross, anal cunt, anthonytron16000, aphex twin, apocalyptica, artery eruption, as the sun sets, atmosphere, baphomet, bathory, behemoth, bile, björk, black sabbath, bloodbath, bongzilla, cannibal corpse, carcass, cattle decapitation, cephalic carnage, charles manson, chikn greez, circle of dead children, circle takes the square, clint mansell, cock and ball torture, cocktail party syndrome, conjure one, converge, corporate avenger, corpse carving, corpsefucking art, cranial devourment, cryptopsy, csfbmwpgayf, dark tranquility, daughters, death cab, defragmentation, deftones, deicide, delerium, demilich, devourment, disavowed, disgorge (us), dj icey, dream theater, dredg, dying fetus, dystopia, emeth, exhumed, eyedea&abilities, faith no more, fear factory, fetal butchery, flesh parade, fuck....i'm dead, goatpoop, godspeed you! black emperor, goratory, gorerotted, graveworm, gutrot, gwar, haemorrhage, helmet, infected mushroom, iniquity, isis, jefferson airplane, jimi hendrix, john 5, katatonia, kung fu rick, led zeppelin, leval blessing, lord gore, macabre, marilyn manson, mei fong, melt banana, meshuggah, mindless self indulgence, monstrosity, mortician, mr. bungle, mushroomhead, necrophagist, nine inch nails, nirvana, nuclear rabbit, opeth, painkiller, pearl jam, pelican, perpetual groove, pig destroyer, pigsty, pink floyd, placebo, project pat, prostitute disfigurement, putrid pile, putrilage, radiohead, saetia, sage francis, selling mary, sikfuk, six feet under, skinless, smashing pumpkins, stabwound, static-x, sublime, suffocation, suicidal teddy bear, the berzerker, the birthday massacre, the black dahlia murder, the doors, the dresden dolls, the dust brothers, the grateful dead, the left rights, the locust, the melvins, the misfits, the postal service, the tea party, therion, three 6 mafia, three-armed willy, tom petty, tool, torture killer, vital remains, waco jesus, white zombie